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  • The Canada International Student Exchange Association (CISA) is the country’s Canada-China bilateral student exchange programs facilitator, catalyst and advocate, bringing more experiences and powerful information to its members. A private, not-for-profit educational association, CISA is dedicated to building its members’ student exchange programs success in China and Canada by offering services and supports. From directly operating support in Toronto, Canada on its members’ behalf, CISA is a vital resource in enhancing Canada-China bilateral education areas' communication and facilitation.

    CISA members range from some of the well-known universities, colleges, educational institutions and agencies in both Canada and China. In addition to its head office in Toronto, the CISA has offices and staff in many cities. With this network of offices, the CISA is well placed to support its members to different international student exchange programs.

    As the pre-eminent Sino-Canadian educational association, the CISA is a proud partner of choice for Canadian and Chinese Ministry of Education.

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