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The resource section on CISA provides our members with access to a number of powerful resources to assist you in your quest to study abroad. 
Immigration Immigration Center
If you are coming to Canada to pursue a degree you must apply for and be issued a Study Permit. This document allows you to remain in Canada and study. If it is not issued for the full length of your program, you will be able to renew it while you are in Canada. Details on how and where to apply for a Study Permit can be found on the Citizenship & Immigration Canada (CIC) website. You may contact the nearest Canadian Visa Office to apply for your Study Permit, or you can contact with our local office in your area for services.

Test Preperation Test Preparation
TOEFL, GMAT, GRE, MCAT, IELTS - the list is endless of all the various tests you may need to take. We would help you learn more about each test and what/ when it is needed.

Language School Language School Search
Most students who study abroad, will need or want to learn a new language as part of this process. For all international students coming into Canada you need a certain level in English to accomplish this, so we can help you to find a language school near you.

Financial Aid International Financial Aid
On of the most popular topics for students revolves around international financial aid, what is available for students and how to get hold of it. Funding your education abroad is always a challenge, and one of the most discussed subjects on the forums and in email inquiries to us. We have created the International Financial Aid pages as a central resource guide for students to learn more about various funding options and how to obtain them.

Student Job Center Student Job Center
Searching for a Job in any country can be hard, that is why our Student Job Center provides you not only with a dedicated job searching help, but also with helpful guidance entire country when it comes to responding and apply to job postings.

International Communications International Communications
When abroad, you will most likely want to keep in touch with your family and friends. We would provide you with practical help and advice on calling cards, mobile phones, sim card and VOIP calling options.