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 Program Requirements in China
Exchange Student China. In order to qualify as an exchange student in China, you must be at least 15 years of age and no more than 26 years of age on the date of your departure (some programs allow for exceptions to be made for 14-year-old students). Students must also meet any additional requirements specific to the country they choose, for example a student may be required to have some knowledge of the language of the destination country. Students must be motivated, flexible, open-minded, curious, adaptable to new situations, and should have a sense of humour. Students should also possess good written and oral communication skills.

 General Program Requirements

» Students from High School or equivalent.
» Age between 15 to 18 years (14 to 19 in some destinations).
» Two years high school level or equivalent of foreign language when destination is a non-English speaking country.
» Good academic level (overall GPA of at least a C).
» Maturity to adapt to new environments.
» Successful score in a personal interview.

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